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March 10, 2010

Selling Tips: Get your home ready to SELL!

Tips to get your home ready to SELL!

Homes typically sell by emotion (with the exception of investment properties obviously) and how a home looks and feels to a buyer is the difference between a sale and NO sale. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or have fancy designer labels. It is about simplicity, a lack of clutter and getting rid of the extra “stuff” that blocks the flow of positive energy in our minds and in our homes. It’s about furniture, windows and door placement to allow light and a correct inviting flow that makes you so comfortable in a home that you want to stay awhile. Or better yet, buy it for top dollar. Honey Stop The Car! Ever had that feeling where a home captured your attention so strongly that you stopped your car to immediately call the realtor right then! This is the dream of every seller and realtor because when this kind of excitement happens the house is SOLD. Here are some tips to make your home simply irresistible too. 


  •  Curb appeal is fundamental. Grass cut, edged, bushes trimmed, NO weeds; flowers, flowers, and more flowers
  • Driveways clean, mailbox straight, trash bins out of sight
  • Porch clean, round or oval pots of blooming flowers, weather permitting
  • Front path clean with flowers along the way
  • A new doormat, preferably black – semicircle or oval is ideal
  • Front door should be immaculate, fresh coat of paint or varnish, kick plate bright and shining
  • Remove all “NO Solicitors and Do Not Disturb signs.
  • Address numbers visible from across the street
  • Doorbell that sounds gentle, not jarring. Solid threshold, shiny, firm doorknob
  • Front door lock and key that work easily


  •  Clean, Clean, Clean (fresh smelling) Home! Baseboards are a tale-tale sign of a dirty (sometimes neglected) home. Don’t forget to deep clean ALL appliances (inside/outside and areas surrounding: stove/oven, microwave & refrigerator, areas around furnace/hot water heater… even air compressor outside!) 
  • Fresh flowers or good looking silk flowers in entry and on dining room table
  • Remove dying plants or empty pots
  • Remove all excess furniture –roomy and spacious feeling is most important
  • Clutter is your worst enemy – rent a storage unit for excess, if necessary
  • Fresh paint where needed is the sellers best investment
  • Clean (odor free) or new carpet
  • 3 to 5 accessory items on kitchen and bathroom counters; all else removed
  • Pay attention to art work…neutral is best (no negative, sexual or violent images. No dead trophy animals)
  • Position furniture to invite guests inward-nothing blocking forward movement or doorways
  • Toilet lids down! Pet dishes out of sight and cat boxes outside

         If you are planning to buy or sell a home and would like help or more information, please contact me at 404.538.5396 or michellekmiller@comcast.net.  I’m always happy to help!

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August 23, 2008

Getting Your GA Home Ready to List/Sell! | Advice to help your home sell faster with higher returns!

There are many factors that should be addressed when getting your home ready to sell. I list many homes, but I also work with Buyer’s and have for many years. Through working with so many buyers, I have learned what buyer’s look for as well as what makes buyers most interested in the homes that they decide to purchase. There are things we cannot change such as floor plans, land topography, location, etc., but there are so many items that make your home more appealing to a wider variety of buyers. My tips below are basic, but imperative and I hope this helps you get the results you desire. My advice to you is as follows:

Price is the key!!! Price your home correctly!!! If you have to list your home at this time please be sure that you are ready to price your home to sell (consult a REALTOR® for a Comparative Market Analysis and for advice as to what needs to be done to your home) otherwise be prepared for your home to sit on the market much longer than during typical market conditions.

Have your home completely ready to show prior to listing. Your biggest rush of buyers will be within the first few weeks of listing your home (for median or lower priced homes). You could lose “your buyer” if you have issues that need to be rectified or if your home is overpriced when initially listed.
First impressions are imperative when showing your home.

  • Deep clean kitchen & baths (cabinets inside & out, stove/oven, sink, counter-tops, built-in microwave, refrigerator (even if you aren’t selling with the home), light fixtures, pantry, bathtubs, showers, etc… Place small appliances such as toasters, can openers and other appliances not used daily in cabinets or pantry to make counter space appear more abundant.
  • De-clutter all rooms, closets, basement, garage, bedrooms, laundry, kitchen, etc. Pack items not used daily in boxes and stack neatly in basement, garage or large closets. If you have an over abundance of storage it might be necessary to rent a storage building.
    Remove excess furniture or decorations to make your space appear larger.
    You will want to remove excessive personal photos as well which will allow prospective buyers to imagine their family living in the home.
  • Clean or replace carpet. If your carpet has dark edges around the moldings ~ I recommend replacing. This happens when carpet is “wet cleaned” as opposed to steam cleaning. If you cannot afford to replace the carpet that is beyond cleaning~ offer a carpet allowance within your listing.
    Paint if necessary (interior and/or exterior walls, doors, ceilings & moldings: windows, floor, door, chair & crown)
  • Clean windows, blinds and other treatments windows!
  • Front Entrance: It is imperative that your entry is free of rotten wood, clutter, dirt, etc. Make sure that your entrance is clean, freshly painted and inviting.
  • Curb Appeal: Make sure your grass is cut (clippings removed from driveways, walkways and curb. Make sure that your beds have colorful flowers, no weeds and fresh mulch or pine straw. Make necessary repairs to any siding or roof issues that will be apparent upon driving up to your home.
  • Pet odors: BIG THING! Pet odors are hard to remove. Interior carpet & pad should be replaced if unable to remove odors. Basement and garage floors (concrete) seem to hold these smells. Try bleaching repeatedly, but professional services may be required to permanently remove these smells. Most consumers will spend as little time as possible in homes with odors.
  • Dated or older homes: Either price to give the buyer the option to purchase at a price that would enable them to make updates to the home OR update your home yourself with advice from your REALTOR® or home stager. You will need to replace older colored tubs, toilets & sinks, dated colored tile (green, blue, orange, pink, etc.), remove wallpaper, paint with neutral paint colors and update trim color if suggested. Also, a big consideration is whether or not the comparable homes in the community are also dated or if they have been updated. Talk to a REALTOR® before making any big decisions with regard to updating. We can inform you of the most important and cost efficient changes that will make the biggest difference in the sale of your home.

If your home is not “show ready” and you do not plan to make the changes/repairs/updates necessary ~ PRICE ACCORDINGLY. Remember that buyers will be calculating necessary repairs/updates while viewing your home and if it listed too high they could decide that it is too much work for the money and decide not to waste their time even making an offer.

It is a good idea to have a home inspection performed by a professional home inspector so as to find out any potential issues and repair prior to listing…. Or adjust your list price accordingly. You can also offer buyer allowances for items such as paint, carpet and other necessary repairs.

My tip of the month: When replacing carpet in your home – please, please, please go the distance and replace all the carpet to match in both color as well as levels of wear/tear! Buyer’s typically have issues with mis-matched carpet such as different colors in different rooms as well as visable seams that separate the rooms. Seller’s seem to try to save money by just replacing the family room & down the hall, but leave the old (sometimes dated colored) carpet in the bedrooms, which could result in the home feeling “dated” and the loss of potential buyers. Also, if possible – put updated tile (more desired) or vinyl (cheaper fix) in bathrooms as carpet in bathrooms are a big turn off for most buyers!

For dated homes, a good example of a transformation: A little paint, new 2″ white blinds, new carpet, new light fixtures & cornis board drapery.  Change to updated faucets, lighting, paint all trim from wood to white and painted the walls all with neutral paint colors. If they were listing.  For additional help with low cost transformations, information on preparing, pricing (free CMA), listing and/or selling your home feel free to contact me. I love to help!

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