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October 19, 2010

Search GA Homes On Your Mobile Phone!

Want to search all homes listed on the Georgia multiple listing services from your mobile phone? Awesome! Visit

For IPhone users: visit the aforementioned site, then select to add it to your home page and you will have the search app on your home screen!

Registration is not required to search for homes, however you might be prompted to enter your contact information when viewing additional photos and virtual tours. You can specify whether you prefer to be contacted by email or phone. I will never call if you specify email, but you can call me if you wish! I will most likely send you an email to see if you need any help or send you helpful information about buying or selling a home from time to time, but you can opt out of receiving my emails at any time….. and I will always respect your wishes! That’s all there is to it!

My contact information is as follows:

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March 10, 2010

Selling Tips: Get your home ready to SELL!

Tips to get your home ready to SELL!

Homes typically sell by emotion (with the exception of investment properties obviously) and how a home looks and feels to a buyer is the difference between a sale and NO sale. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or have fancy designer labels. It is about simplicity, a lack of clutter and getting rid of the extra “stuff” that blocks the flow of positive energy in our minds and in our homes. It’s about furniture, windows and door placement to allow light and a correct inviting flow that makes you so comfortable in a home that you want to stay awhile. Or better yet, buy it for top dollar. Honey Stop The Car! Ever had that feeling where a home captured your attention so strongly that you stopped your car to immediately call the realtor right then! This is the dream of every seller and realtor because when this kind of excitement happens the house is SOLD. Here are some tips to make your home simply irresistible too. 


  •  Curb appeal is fundamental. Grass cut, edged, bushes trimmed, NO weeds; flowers, flowers, and more flowers
  • Driveways clean, mailbox straight, trash bins out of sight
  • Porch clean, round or oval pots of blooming flowers, weather permitting
  • Front path clean with flowers along the way
  • A new doormat, preferably black – semicircle or oval is ideal
  • Front door should be immaculate, fresh coat of paint or varnish, kick plate bright and shining
  • Remove all “NO Solicitors and Do Not Disturb signs.
  • Address numbers visible from across the street
  • Doorbell that sounds gentle, not jarring. Solid threshold, shiny, firm doorknob
  • Front door lock and key that work easily


  •  Clean, Clean, Clean (fresh smelling) Home! Baseboards are a tale-tale sign of a dirty (sometimes neglected) home. Don’t forget to deep clean ALL appliances (inside/outside and areas surrounding: stove/oven, microwave & refrigerator, areas around furnace/hot water heater… even air compressor outside!) 
  • Fresh flowers or good looking silk flowers in entry and on dining room table
  • Remove dying plants or empty pots
  • Remove all excess furniture –roomy and spacious feeling is most important
  • Clutter is your worst enemy – rent a storage unit for excess, if necessary
  • Fresh paint where needed is the sellers best investment
  • Clean (odor free) or new carpet
  • 3 to 5 accessory items on kitchen and bathroom counters; all else removed
  • Pay attention to art work…neutral is best (no negative, sexual or violent images. No dead trophy animals)
  • Position furniture to invite guests inward-nothing blocking forward movement or doorways
  • Toilet lids down! Pet dishes out of sight and cat boxes outside

         If you are planning to buy or sell a home and would like help or more information, please contact me at 404.538.5396 or michellekmiller@comcast.net.  I’m always happy to help!

Search all Ga homes listed on FMLS and GA MLS! 


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March 9, 2010

What is a Short Sale and Is It For Me? | Help for Homeowner’s!

Foreclosure Next Exit!

Lately I have had numerous people ask me if they should try to short sale their home. You might be a good candidate if you can no longer afford your home and your home’s value is less than what you owe.  Short sales have saved many people from foreclosure thus saving lenders hundreds of thousands that they would have lost with the alternative ~ Foreclosure!   That being said, do you need  to short sale your home? Can you short sale your home? Would you even want  to try to short sale your home? Lets see….

What is a short sale?
A short sale is when your lender(s) agrees to take less than what is owed on your home upon the sale of your home. The professional definition: A short sale is when a mortgage company accepts a discount on the note to avoid a possible foreclosure action. Instead of buying from a seller, the property is purchased directly from the lender for a discount. When a homeowner can’t meet their financial obligations on the property lenders are sometimes willing to accept less than the full amount due, commonly referred to as a “Short Pay” or “Short Sale“.

Here are some of the basics that you should know prior to making the decision to try to short sale your home:

  • Most lenders will not typically agree to a short sale unless your loan is in default (you have missed one or more payments). So if you are not behind on your payments chances are that they will not consider your home for a short sale.  This does vary from lender to lender so you will want to talk to your lender and/or an experienced REALTOR® (who can contact your lender) to find out your institution’s practices.
  • If you are so far behind on your payments that your lender has begun the foreclosure process, it is probably too late (but not always). Some lenders have been known to hold off on the foreclosure and auctioning your property if you already have a buyer, a binding purchase and sale agreement and have already submitted all short sale documentation, but are simply waiting for an answer.
  • You have to be able to prove hardship. A REALTOR® who knows short sale procedures can tell you what you need with regard to your hardship letter, budget and required documentation.
  • Typically your lender will not tell you how much they will accept until you submit a binding purchase and sale agreement for the sale of your home combined with a short sale package and it is either accepted or rejected.
  • It could take 6 months or more to get an answer from your lender after submitting a binding sales contract, your short sale package and all required documentation. If you are already behind on your loan, your home could go into foreclosure before a decision is made with regard to the short sale. Also, you could lose your buyer if it takes too long as buyers get anxious and can decide to terminate and move on to the next property.
  • You could have adverse tax effects with short selling your home. You need to consult an accountant prior to listing your home for short sale to find out if short selling your home will affect your taxes.
  • Your lender could try to make you pay the difference between what you owe and the amount they agree to accept. Get a good REALTOR® who knows how to negotiate short sales and knows the special stipulations to put in the contract to assure that this doesn’t happen to you! Your lender may not accept the special stipulation, but at least you are not bound to the agreement, nor to pay back this amount.

Some other helpful information you should read:
Hardship Letter | Imperative for Negotiating a Short Sale
Short Sale Package | Standard Items Needed

All of this may sound quite difficult to you, but let me assure you that there are MANY cases where Homeowners are able to short sell their home and were able to walk away with their desired results based on their circumstances. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. I would love to give you all the facts based on your situation so you can make an informed decision!

Kind Regards,

Michelle Miller, REALTOR®, ABR®
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March 4, 2008

Georgia Real Estate Market is Good!

It has already been a great year for me in the Georgia real estate market!  My listings are getting activity, my websites are getting hits like crazy, I am getting many buyer calls as well as listing calls!  I have already sold 2 of my listings (listed under 90 days before contract), sold one buyer client and I am staying very busy! I know that the overall feel for the Georgia real estate market is that the economy is bad and that it is a bad time to buy or sell, but I am here to tell you differently.  2007 was my best year ever in Real Estate!  I sold MOST of my listings within the original 90 day listing period, helped MANY buyers locate, negotiate and close on their new homes. 

The interest rates are still good and there is a high volume of homes to choose from ~ so now is the time to buy!
Life is GOOD!

Homeowners, your home will sell! Find an experienced REALTOR® who:

  • will be honest with you about your home’s condition and give you suggestions to make your home more appealing to buyers
  • will be honest with you about your home’s market value and not overprice just to get the listing
  • will give you a reasonable commission rate
  • will market your home with a proven strategy
  • will give you updated weekly web statistics showing you how many people who are viewing your home on the internet
  • will give you monthly market updates showing real estate activity in your subdivision, community, county and more.
  • will stay in touch with you and provide feedback for all showings
  • explain all aspects of the transaction in detail
  • has excellent negotiation skills and knows the GA contracts inside and out
  • will look out for your best interest above all!

Buyers, don’t be afraid to buy a home!  Real Estate is still one of the best investments you can make!  Find an experienced REALTOR® who:

  • will explain all aspects of purchasing a home
  • will provide you with a list of reputable lenders (if necessary)
  • will actually listen to you in terms of what kind of home YOU are seeking
  • will happily show you properties that you wish to see
  • will provide you with all information available with regard to the home you select including tax information, schools, neighborhoods, etc.
  • will provide you with a detailed CMA (comparable market analysis) prior to making an offer so you don’t offer too much!
  • has excellent negotiation skills so as to get you the best deal possible!
  • will advise you with regard to different terms in the contract and which options are best for you
  • will look out for your best interest!

A great REALTOR® does much more than the aforementioned, but if you will find a Realtor who does the above – I feel that she/he will go over and above to do the best job for you.

Buyers, did you know that you can have your own Realtor and it won’t cost you a penny?  The buyer’s Realtor’s commission is built into the listing agreement and the listing agent splits his/her commission to get other agents to bring their buyers!

Sellers, I have found that there are so many homeowners that don’t realize that ALL agents licensed in Georgia can show your home when it is listed.  Remember that so many buyers already have a REALTOR® and that you would miss out on those buyers if your Realtor (listing agent) was the only one to show your home.  It is more likely for a Realtor (or agent) other than your listing agent to provide the buyer that will purchase your home in the Georgia market!  Since your home will be listed on the local multiple listing service, which is where Realtors find homes to show their clients (and so many buyers have access to search this database as well), it is likely that your buyer will find your property here!

I hope you have found my blog informative!  I also hope that you will contact me with your Georgia home buying or selling needs!  I will always work hard to make your real estate dreams and goals a reality! You can visit my website at: www.bestgahomes4sale.com for additional buying or selling information, to search thousands of Georgia property listings with photos and virtual tours (no registration/sign-up required!) or to find out more about my services areas & more!  I hope you have a great day!

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